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Applying for drawbacks, permits and refunds under rebate items 521.00 and 522.00

Do you qualify for a drawback, or a refund under rebate items 521.00 or 522.00?

521.00 Drawbacks are refunds of duties paid on imported goods which are used in the manufacture, processing, finishing, equipment or packing of goods that have been exported. But, there are certain qualifying criteria and registration protocols that the applicant must comply with.

522.00 Refunds are applied for on imported goods which have being exported for trade purposes, in the same condition as imported; defective goods which are being returned to the supplier; goods abandoned to the State or destroyed under Customs supervision. Here too there are strict regulations which importers must be aware of and comply with prior to exporting their goods. Failure to do so will cause the claim to be rejected.

Customs Refund Specialists will firstly assess whether you qualify for these drawbacks or refunds. Once that is established we will handle the Customs registration, the ITAC application and the Customs refund application