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Consulting on Technical Customs Issues

You may find that the importation of your products is straightforward. You may never have had the unpleasant experience of your goods being stopped for inspection by Customs. That is very fortunate!

Unfortunately though, at some point in time most importers find themselves at the mercy of Customs. It may be for the reclassification of your goods or a demand for additional duties, or any number of other unforeseen issues. It is often difficult for the layman to understand or interpret what Customs is asking for and how best to respond. This translates into delays and your cargo being stuck in the port while you try and resolve this.

There are many facets to the declaration of goods through Customs. It can become complicated and confusing. It can also sometimes result in importers getting themselves into trouble or missing out on favourable opportunities.

Or perhaps you are new to importing and you need guidance on how to begin the process. Either way, we are able to assist.

Since 1992 Customs Refund Specialists has been dealing with all manner of Customs issues. We offer this accumulation of experience to importers, to guide and assist them with complex Customs matters.