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Customs Compliance Reviews (CCR)

It is vital to ensure your company is compliant with the Customs and Excise Act and the Customs Regulations. You also need to be confident that your company is enjoying a competitive edge over your competitors, or at the very least that the “playing fields are level” and that you are paying the same duty as your competitors on competing products.

On the one hand, if you are overpaying Customs duty you may find yourself uncompetitive in the marketplace. Often the correct rate of import duty on your products will be the determining factor in whether or not your opposition has an advantage over you.

On the other hand, if you are underpaying duty to Customs you are vulnerable to post clearance audits by Customs. This results in Customs demanding the underpaid duty on historic shipments going as far back as two years. In addition they will also impose punitive fines on any underpayments. This can sometimes have a crippling effect on a business.

The comprehensive audit on your historic shipments will achieve the following outcomes:

  • to assess whether your company is compliant with the current Customs requirements.
  • to verify the accuracy of your declarations to Customs.
  • we identify any opportunities to reduce the Customs duty payable on future shipments.
  • to ensure you are taking advantage of any Trade Agreements and manufacturing rebate or general rebate provisions
  • we obtain refunds of overpaid Customs duties on historic shipments for a two-year retrospective period.
  • we will identify areas where you are exposed to risk, in the form of, for example, incorrect procedures followed, incorrect tariff classification of your products, incorrect value declarations, and other areas where you are not compliant with the Customs Act and Regulations, all of which can put you at risk of being penalised by Customs.