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Customs Duty Refunds

In theory Customs only collects the correct amount of duty due on imported goods. However, it is common for importers to erroneously pay too much duty. In most cases this goes unnoticed. Customs only allows a period of two years from the date of import, in which to claim this duty back. As a result we have specialised in identifying and correcting instances where you are overpaying Customs duty. Some of the more common reasons are because you:

  • have classified the goods incorrectly
  • used the incorrect value to calculate the duty
  • are paying duty on rebate goods
  • are not utilising a preferential rate of duty under a trade agreement

Whatever the case we will identify, motivate and submit refund claims to get this overpaid duty back from Customs for imports of up to two years old.

We have 30 years of extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. This is assisted by our comprehensive library of previous Customs tariff determinations which we have accumulated over the past years. We also continue to apply for new Tariff Determinations where necessary to support refund claims. 

We submit the refund claims to Customs in the required manner and follow them through the system until the refunds have been paid out.