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Registering Rebate Stores and Bonded Warehouses

Do you require a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse (commonly referred to as a bond store) is a licensed secure area where imported dutiable goods are stored without importers having to immediately pay duties. This can assist importers with their cashflow by deferring the payment of duty until the goods are required in the marketplace. The duty will be payable to Customs prior to removal from the warehouse. It is also a helpful mechanism when goods are intended for export by allowing the importer to avoid the outlay of Customs duty.

Do you require a rebate store?

The South African government grants local manufacturers rebates of Customs duties on certain imported raw materials for use in a number of manufacturing industries. This gives local manufacturers an economic advantage by reducing raw material costs. This in turn stimulates local production and with it increased employment.

Customs Refund Specialists is experienced in completing these applications. Firstly we establish whether the importer is entitled to apply for a rebate or bond store. Next we accumulate and compile all data necessary for the completion of the registration process. We also inspect the proposed Bond/Rebate Store to ensure it meets with the Customs requirements. Finally we submit all data and registration documentation to Customs and follow it through until the registration is approved.